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Party Bus

While the majority of the services we supply at Libertyville Limousine Service | 6 Star Limo are concerned with limo service – for weddings, to airports, and for general use – we’re also available to help our customers through party bus offerings. A relative newcomer to the transportation industry, it’s quite clear that party buses offer something totally different from every other option on the market, even limousines. If you’re looking to take an outing for a special occasion – think: a birthday, a promotion, a bachelor party – then a party bus is clearly the number one choice. You can learn plenty of information about party buses just below, including what they are, and why they’re such a great option. If you still have remaining questions that need answering, or you’d like to explore the possibility of booking one of our party buses, all you need to do is speak to our customer service representatives.

What are Party Buses?

The name is a bit of a giveaway, but what exactly are party buses? These behemoths are buses that have been specially adapted to provide the ideal conditions for partying with your family or friends while you’re out on the road. Tailored design and special modifications give you an environment that cannot be beaten. It’s not unusual for party buses to have dancefloors, disco lighting, comprehensive music and speaker systems, and even dance poles. Needless to say, you’ll have everything you need to get the party started in style.

Get Partying Immediate

When you have a nighttime outing planned, the journey to your first destination is usually a time of anticipation. The party hasn’t quite begun, and it’s not like you could start partying in a taxi, or even a limousine – if you’re a rowdier group, anyway. Of course, that’s not true with a party bus. These spaces have been specifically designed to accommodate party-goers, and that means that you can begin celebrating and partying without any annoying delays. This is especially enjoyable for people celebrating a special occasion, since they’ll understandably be raring to get started with the festivities.

Avoiding Lulls

Oftentimes, when people have a night out planned, they choose to visit multiple venues throughout the evening. You might head to a couple of bars or pubs to start with, before moving onto clubs as the night progresses. Traveling between these venues can be an annoyance when you’re in a taxi or you’re walking, since you can’t continue to enjoy yourself in the same way. With a party bus for the evening, that’s not going to be the case – party to your heart’s content!

Safe and Secure Service

It’s always worth remembering that when you’re out in a city at night, drinking alcohol and having a good time, you might be vulnerable. We care deeply about the safety and wellbeing of our customers, and it’s notable that when you’re in our vehicles, you’ll be secure against any threat, whether that means something like robbery, or the chance of getting lost.

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